Just as my fingers move to type some sort of expression on the beauty of ‘switching channels’, Jeb’s alarm sounds with an early morning wake-up.

He sleeps, undisturbed.  I hit snooze.

I was coming here to say something about how life offers opportunities.  Maybe it’s a music concert,  or a hike through the woods.  A late-night conversation with a friend.  Sometimes these experiences expand us.  All those petty worries, they dissolve in the wake of something greater.  Some broadened perspective.  Something that feels alive and vibrant.  Something more tangible than thought.

I know snooze won’t last much longer in this morning’s writing hour.  I’m going to have to bring my expanded self to a breakfast session of study time.  Jeb’s got a math test today.  I’ve got a long work day ahead.

I get to wink at the mundane details.  Maybe even laugh when they try to fit me in their boxes.  I’ll let expansion carry me.

Smile at that alarm…there it is.  It chimes awakening.

courtesy of Sean McGrath

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