Today I delve into the realms of silence.  Meditation with the Buddhists in the cottage above the river.  All day we will sit.  All day we will watch with mindfulness – breath, movement.

I have never done this before, though I have wanted to experience a Vipassana retreat for many years.  Often these meditations are offered for 10 days (or more) at a time.  We’ll see how I do with one day.

Last night at the question and answer gathering, our guide spoke of Shantideva, the 8th century monk that gave a renowned discourse on the way of the bodhisattvaPema Chodron dedicated a book to it, “No Time To Lose”.  Here’s an excerpt of her commentary on the human mind and our nature. The truth of what’s she’s saying, you could laugh or cry or both. Today, I’m hoping to get fitted with those leather shoes.


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