Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

I sleep in past nine
waking just in time
to see an insect
drown in mango juice

I guess I moved too slowly
in the kitchen
I try
to let myself
a concept
to feel
the way I move my hands
pour water in the glass

last night under moonlight
I spoke to the writer
about submissions
how I get to submit
to detachment
how we both got ours in
just at the deadline

I come home from starlight
fire smoke and red wine
with an armload of harvest
from Mary’s garden
chard and kale and basil
three ripening papayas

this morning
by the basin
marigold and gardenia
hold velvet treasure
in their petals
so unrelated
they are perfectly paired
in Saturday sunlight

I’m a potpourri
just settling
mango juice and coffee beans
midnight work projects
and art submissions
swim lessons and poetry
womanhood and mothering
a body in motion
this morning

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