This morning I’m just going to skip it.

I’ve been trying to keep everything in tact, maintaining as much of my usual routine as possible throughout the swirl of random chaos.  I think in the process, I’ve become just plain petered out.

These past few mornings I’ve had 30 minutes to brew a cup of coffee and post something to the Archives before rousing Jeb from slumber.  I’ll have just enough time to herd him to the car with some popcorn in a Tupperware container, tossed in a tote bag with his hand-held video game.  We make our way to yoga class (where it’s true, I receive great benefit and mental sanity) as I offer sun salutations while he battles Star Wars clones.

This regimen has continued with us coming home, me throwing together some fruit or cereal for his breakfast and then diving straight into work at the computer for the rest of the day.  I’m still digging paperwork and pencils out of the moving boxes that surround my desk, as I haven’t quite scheduled the unpacking project into my calendar.

But today, it’s Friday.  I have work, but no major deadlines pressing.  I’m rubbing my sleepy eyes and have not yet made that cup of coffee. Jeb’s still in bed.  I’m thinking I’ll forgo that semblance of routine I’ve been trying to maintain.

I’m not slacking.  Just for this morning, I vote to pass.

In the name of moderation we’re going to have a leisurely start to our day.  We’ll make a mango-cherry-banana smoothie and pour the leftovers into popsicle molds.  We’ll eat breakfast next to last night’s puzzle and see if we can fit some more pieces together.  Maybe we’ll take a morning walk.

I’ll table the lists, the requests, the deadlines.  Just for a little bit.  Remember that this is my life.  Our life.  We only have these moments.  Work will get done.  Those yoga postures will unfold.  Boxes will get unpacked.

This morning I get to be with my seven-year old in the height of summer vacation.  Have just a little time to make silly voices and see him laugh.  Sip a smoothie from a straw.  Relax.

Enjoy the beauty found, when once in a while, you just decide to skip it.

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