There are those cordial notifications, commonly referred to as “rejection letters.”

In the matters of the heart, these may begin “Dear John…”  In the world of publication, they often start, “Dear Writer…”

In a past post I celebrated these literary thanks-but-no-thanks notices.  Opted to focus on their parting words, “Best of Luck” and take it as a sign that I was in the process.  Maybe even consider showcasing these signposts as evidence of the writing life, proof that I was active.  Take it as a blessing.

Well, recently I’ve been showered with what I will now officially coin the “Keep Writing” letters.  Two in one week!  Internationally spanning publications from Iowa to Paris.  Double the boon!  It’s worldwide!

Now, I’m laughing and light-hearted.  There’s silliness in my sarcasm – I truly am not bitter.  I may erect a cyber-shrine to all these benisons, just to embrace it fully.

How many recipients of break-up letters have been left to hang their heads alone, feeling they weren’t worthy of the love?  How many writers, who were wished ‘every success’ in those closing lines, wondered if their expression was worthwhile?

Sure, I’ll take note.  I still have work to do in refining my craft – forever.  But I take it as a challenge to turn these notes around.  Little reminders from the Cosmos to just Keep Writing.

So in a week that gave a double-dosed directive, I am also gathering up the courage to attend a two-day workshop.  The theme:  Writing From the Heart.  There’s been some talk that one brilliant, unknown writer may be attending (“he’s amazing…like the caliber of Faulkner…I really hope he comes”).

I notice that I’m gulping.  I really hope he doesn’t come…whoops, did I just say that?  No, that’s not really what I mean.  That’s just those little Xerox-copied-every-success-wishing notices fanning flames of fear around me.  My desire to hear a master craft this language is far greater.  I want to sit and listen to how he does it.  I want to gather inspiration so I can be my own best caliber of…me.

So, the Keep Writing prompts have been duly noted.  This is certainly not all she wrote.  Today, I’ll be walking myself with pen and paper through the threshold of that writing workshop door.  Continuing onward.  Showered in the blessings of ‘every success.’  Writing from the heart.

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