red toenails emerge
from autumn’s isolation
springtime polish
sashays down the grocery aisles
protein bars and licorice
in abundant choices

later they will tiptoe along the supermoonlit river
where arches find their way into the hands
of the blue-eyed surfer
he gives with hopeful freedom
knowing touch heals

feet will receive
the fingers stretching toes
under silky raven totems
open hands and arms
shy inviting smiles
these feet could slip beneath bedsheets
no need to drive themselves home

points of the sole
connect every organ
the mind is Switzerland
seeking neutral ground
and the heart pumps to the rhythm
of its own king-sized bed
midnight poetry
thick paper
and pencil lead

red toenails point to home
moving carefully down late night stairs
press to the accelerator
pass through the threshold of their own

It’s 12:37am
a green velvet ottoman
still house
late night winds and starlight
with words and dreams
abundant choices

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