Between the car repairs and school re-enrollment forms, I decline the dinner invitation at the hip restaurant with friends.  It’s a school night and I’ll be doing addition flashcards with Jeb instead of sipping Spanish wine.  These days, my world consists of #2 pencils, Lego action figures and fruit roll by Jessica Dofflemyer - all rights reserved

I do get moments of my own.  An escape to Mary’s garden to harvest food for home.  I’ll linger long enough in the watercress to still the details.  Watch the soil roll softly from the purple bulbous beets as they emerge from their beds.  With a few quick snips, I’ll release the scent of basil to the air.  Step bare feet on the cool, green gota kola.  Feel slants of afternoon sunlight settle warmly on my head.  Eat an orange nasturtium flower.  Sense the satisfaction of pulling a weed out with my toes.

Dinner tonight includes a garden salad.  Fresh-squeezed lemon, olive oil, green olives, Hawaiian salt.  Jeb will write his spelling sentences while I wash the dishes.  Shower time, then read a story.  Lights out by eight.

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