photo by Jessica Dofflemyer - all rights reserved

I’m gifted a one hour window at the end of my day to throw off emails and throw on a pair of shorts.  Make a quick drive down to the beach and get a short walk in.

My mind is craving freedom.  The kind where I can let thoughts move and sift on salt air and sea breeze.  Bare feet can sink in sand.  My eyes can take in a distant horizon and remember what it is that holds me.  Feel the tangible presence of earth and wind and water.

There are others on this quest as well.  As I move along the shore toward the middle span of beach, the smattering of bodies increases.  Lawn chairs, towels, beach blankets and some coolers.  Visitors are here escaping colder January climes.  I walk through a quiet maze of humans scattered in their special little places.

Some lie upon their sides, just gazing at the ocean.  Others read a book.  Some couples curl and cuddle up together.  Grown men wade in shallow waters.  Swimmers tread a little farther out from shore.

How I love to see these people all relaxing!  Like babies in big bodies, we’re just soaking up the simple.  Happy just to be.  Pale skin seeks sunlight.  Ahhh!  Cell phones are put away.  A large man just sits, his legs stretched out before him, doing nothing but looking at the waves.  To see him in such a peaceful, child-like state fills my heart with gladness.

Not far from this beach (just down the road) adults zoom fast in big cars.  They schedule appointments, send text messages and make important calls.  But down here by the water, the grown ups are on hiatus, just sitting in the sun.

Can we do this everyday?

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