I’m doing the very thing they say you’re not supposed to do.

If you have insomnia you should not get up.  Certainly do not turn on the computer.

But let’s not call this insomnia.  It’s much more romantic to blame it on the brightness of the moonlight that’s casting midnight shadows through the window.  Wild with a full, illumined moon, I’m throwing caution to the wind at 1:15 and posting my daily chronicle.

In this reckless abandon, I’m tossing open the curtain in raw exposure to reveal myself in all my cyber nakedness.  Yes, here’s a screen shot of my Sexy (in this case, not so sexy) Stats.  Thanks to Nick, who’s hiding out in Saginaw (at least one of my of two loyal site visitors is going to love the mitten connection) I’ve got Flot to make my charting more robust than ever and my stats page “super sexy.”

Posting about your blog stats is pretty unsexy, I would say.  Especially when you’ve got single digit numbers like me.  But I’m feeling careless in the moonlight.  Besides, what do I have to lose to expose myself this way?  As the bar graph reveals, this bold move will only be viewed by a handful, half of which are crawling search engine robots.  They’ll never read these words.

So what am I doing here, standing naked all alone?

The words of William Stafford come as some semblance of an answer (October 9 post:  The Way It Is).  I’m following the thread.

And I sort of like that no one’s following me in this process.

An artist reminded me recently of the cycle of the cocoon to butterfly.  That there’s no need to tear into the chrysalis before it’s time.

And there’s no holding back the butterfly at lift off.

Who knows, maybe my site stats will get sexier.  For now I’m just following that silken thread which may unravel to me to flight or wind me down some other road.

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