Jeb discovers the concept of coupons
the free Longs Drugs store booklet is in our post office box
advertising images of electric nose hair trimmers for $7.99
V05 Shampoo
and Hershey bars
are on sale
he’s in the back seat as we drive home
flipping through his book of options
brimming with more enthusiasm than I have heard all week
“even soda!”
“even cereal!”
“this is unbelievable!”

He is in amazement that one can open the mailbox
be gifted a book of consumer goods
and be able to receive these items at reduced rates
by simply presenting a piece of paper

He grasps the concept like an alien that just landed on planet earth
(which at the age of six, he sort of is)
reminding me of all I take for granted
all the coupon books I’ve cursed on their way to the recycle bin
my sadness for the trees lost
to sell a can of Van de Camp baked beans

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