More Than A Blender

it started when I agreed
to see him one more time

and then another
and another
and for weeks
upon each of our goodbyes
I really didn’t know
if I would ever
see that Bohemian again

it was a milestone
when I bought him that purple toothbrush
the one to keep at my place
and then
I scooted
gave him half a drawer
which slowly morphed
to two

it was effortless
how space was made
and filled
now men’s shirts
hang neatly next to blouses
and we practice
saying ‘our house’
through silly smiles

but appliances
now that’s big stuff
and when the blender
and the food processor
both broke in one day
we took it as a fated sign
which lead us
to our first joint purchase

now we’re steaming soups
making sorbet
creating concoctions
in the Vitamix
the appliance
that’s, oh so much more
than a blender