Some Stitches from the Life Soundtrack

Some days the weave is thick with music. The soundtrack of life that threads in the background, stitches moments, solidifies patterns that slowly emerge.

This morning it’s the notes that touch me most. The sounds from the throats of humans. The plucking of strings on a guitar. The harmonies of instruments in rhythm.

These messages, someone’s heartfelt expression. They reach across airwaves to find their place in my ear drums. To beat time with my own heart. Where we are connected. Feeling. Seeking. Reporting what we find.

Top three on the life soundtrack right now: Bon Iver, Feist and Piers Faccini.

Here’s a sample from all three of these incredible humans. May we all find our song and sing it!


Sparks and Flickers

56.9 degrees in the dark of this Kilauea morning.  That’s cold for Kauai.

I swear the honey in the squeeze bear is moving more slowly because of it.

With knee highs and an afghan, I reflect on yesterday’s post about my intent to be porous.  To let myself be truly touched by life.

To be truthful, there was no long sustained wave of open-heartedness where I was washed in blissful love light.  But there were flickers of sweetness in the day.

A co-worker called me “honey” when she told me I’d found her exactly what she needed.

The soulful surrender of a Piers Faccini‘s song over studio speakers:
Joy joy
I’m out of luck
Joy joy
I give up
(whole song here and more about yesterday’s radio show, Music as Medicine here)

Driving past a woman walking alone on a country road.  Her face smiling, the wind blowing her blouse alongside the bananas.

Greeting eyes with a long-time, handsome friend.

Holding my son in my lap as he told me about his day.

Being handed a home-grown rose in full bloom.  Inhaling the scent – and as always – being transported to Marionette road, where my great-grandmother’s roses lined the driveway and filled my seven year old head with floral love.

photo by Jessica Dofflemyer - all rights reserved

Sparks of light.  Small calls to live and feel deeply.  To let the moments permeate and pass.

6:59am.  Gonna let breakfast preparations permeate my being now.

Here’s to sparks and flickers!