The options are endless.

How you want to make a bouquet. Get married. Live a life.

I had an abundance of flowers at my fingertips, all the colors and textures ready to be included in my Do It Yourself bridal bouquet. Each bloom and fragrance seemed like a beautiful idea.

But as the stems got added to my growing grip, everything just got too busy. Petals knocking and bumping, colors drowning out their neighbors.

Right, right. Keep it simple.

Three gorgeous orchids go back to the bucket.

Today I wed the Bohemian, my true love.

Certainly, there are countless ways to do this. Getting married, that is.

With a bevy of blooms in our reach, we’ve taken what feels true.

Today we get to live our little creation in a celebration of love and life.

Here I stand at the threshold of the unknown, open to the day unfurling as a flower.

The Bohemian and I, we’ve picked some choice stems, intending simple beauty.

On 11-29-2012, we inhale deeply. The fragrance of Love comes to fruition.

Possibilities, infinite.

Jessica Dofflemyer