Four Bars and Excellent Reception

Jeb’s trying to reach that little dreadlocked, bed-head snarl on the back of his head with a brush.  Blue-green digital numbers at the stove top (the only clock in the house) read 7:54am.

It’s time to begin the loading of the car, do the school drop off and get to my work appointment.  I’ll be away from home all day.

Laptop, power cord, file folder box.  Mail, sunglasses, phone…

“Mom, have you seen that little black folder that had my spy notes in it?”

“Mmm, last time I saw it was when you were writing in it on the couch.”

Case for my sunglasses, water…I pause at the phone’s power cord.

“Oh, I found it!” Jeb calls from his desk.

In the flurry of gathering hands, the phone cord suggests quietly that I may need it today.  I never bring my charger cable with me.  But I pause a half-step long enough to realize that I’ve promised myself in these days of inner searching to follow intuitive promptings as they arise.

No time to even check the battery level on my phone, I grab the power cord and toss it in the basket with the mail.

“Jeb, did you get your socks?”

Ten minutes later and it’s three kisses and “See ya!” with a little Jeb hand wave at the red school house.

I make the short drive to my business meeting and complete a brief phone call (hands-free, of course) as I pull into the driveway of my destination.  Glancing down at my phone, I see that there is less than 20% of battery life left.

The dialogue box asks if I would like to Dismiss this message.

This – this entire life experience thing – is all just an experiment, with me collecting clues where I can and chronicling what I find.  I’m in awe at its simplicity.  Humbled by the mystery.  Still perpetually eager to try to uncover something I didn’t know before.

In the flurry of the morning’s prep, a quiet thought suggested I grab a power cord and I made a conscious decision to do it, even though it didn’t seem logically necessary.  I had nothing to lose by listening.

Within range of a quiet nudge and clear signal, I’m thinking I was in that four-bar, excellent reception zone.  Connection, solid.  Low battery, yes, but the available tools for recharge.

My metaphoric mind and I, we can’t help it.  We think we found a clue.  Not going to dismiss this message.