Wild Horses


This is mural art displayed on the interior wall of the garage at the Bohemian’s home in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic. In this country, structure is art. There is no separation. This gigantic etching is just another ‘of-course’ in Czech life. A formidable work existing as simple backdrop behind ladders, bicycles and storage bins.

It is not the work of a family member, rather, a stamp left behind by a regional artist that I believe was the original owner of the home. The Bohemian’s family has been in this house for decades, moving back and forth beneath this mural, entering and exiting the nearby front door for more than twenty years.

I wonder what this massive piece is about. There is no one to tell me what it means.

The symbology of horses, born wild and tamed by humans. Have these two been domesticated? The dark horse and the white one, head to head, rearing, as if to…fight? Or meet?

I think of the Bohemian and his twin brother, delivered with only minutes of life between them. Both boys grew. One went West, the other stayed in the East. I reflect on the rituals of fathers and sons, wrestling through a lineage.

Strength. Power. Good. Evil. The duel of duals.The dichotomy within us all.

That tree-lined path between, seeming to lead home.