Weeds and Debris

It’s understood that invasive species are bad for our island’s flora, and the debris afloat at sea is at epidemic proportions. Weeds and trash are no one’s friend.

But what if I were an alien from another planet? What if I had no concept of friend or foe, good or bad? What if on my morning beach walk there was no story attached to any thing I encountered, not even a name.

With my E.T.-version of a camera, perhaps I’d pause to take photos of things that earthlings may dismiss.

Weeds and debris, framed within the neutral ground of simple curiosity,

And as I like to play with metaphors, I invite you to consider the overgrowth and refuse within ourselves. We all have a shadow side. What’s our story about it? Is it possible for us to view our ‘darkness’ with an unbiased eye?

If so, what new perspectives might emerge by simply looking?






Moving Closer to the Light

Since I’ve been gone for nearly a month from the Archives, there is plenty I could write in this moment as catch-up.

But on this holiday morning I’ll let my nine-year old son be the scribe.

Wishing peace on earth and love to every one of us.

Jeb's art, photo by Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved
Jeb’s art, photo by Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved