How do you want to say it?

Half-full or half-empty.

It all depends on how you want to see it.

Yes, we are picking the last tomato harvest from this address. We could mourn the loss of our sweet home with each ripe cherry we pop in our mouths. Or with every juicy bite, we could consider the seeds we are sowing for a fresh garden bed in our new abode…which is yet to be determined.

I’ve said I’d keep the Archives abreast of my family’s moving process. And I’ll be honest. Craigslist remains a scant listing of resort-like condominiums renting at high rates in distant zip codes. Our friends offer encouragement and best wishes, but no leads.

We have 59 days between now and our move-out deadline.

I ask the Bohemian if he is nervous.

In his typical (and well-appreciated by me) fashion, he responds, “No. I’m not afraid.”

Seems you can only do so much to ‘control’ circumstances. How you see it makes all the difference, right? Perhaps all we can ‘control’ is our own mind.

The Bohemian, he’s out in the garden harvesting tomatoes. Working with what’s right in front of him. Grateful for an abundant crop.

He did the work. Put in his time and love to those tomatoes. Had the best intention. The rest was up to the garden gods.

Today, I’ll trust in that. Enjoy the garden abundance.


13 thoughts on “Təˈmātō, Teˈmätō

  1. I guessed I missed on something, where are you moving? same area?
    From what I learn and try to follow, have trust and confidence, be positive and it will turn out ok. Of course don’t let it only to the luck… good luck. And enjoy the tomatoes they look yummy…


  2. Not moving far. We’d like to stay right in our neighborhood. Just haven’t found a new spot yet. The house we’ve been renting is being sold.
    It’s a dance between trying to ‘make’ something work and sitting back and doing nothing. I’ve been in these situations so many times you’d think I’d know by now how to do it perfectly.
    Looking back, every time there seems to have been this dusting of magic just when the doubts were about to take me down.
    So now I’m doing everything I can on the practical, and watching for puffs of fairy dust in the process (while eating tomatoes, of course) 🙂


    1. Good luck then, and as they say, if you Bélieve in fairy you make them live and they give it back to you.
      The next step Will be great…


      1. I have a though for you this morning. Awake since 5.25 am, I m wondering wether I should write a post or not, as I don t seem keen to fall back asleep…


      2. I did, but no nap for me! Just got awaked by my 2 years for his bottle. I guess sleep is not my friend….
        I guess I ll catch up later. When I get too tired, I nap but then I can t sleep at night, so I d rather try to sleep early once to recuperate. I was happy to write yesterday morning…


      3. No, you are right. It was just funny, because I usually try not to wake up before 7 am, but lately my son keep waking me up around 6 am, and that day, I even woke up by myself at 5.15 am knowing my husband needed to wake up and leave by 5.40 am, to drive to LUXEMBOURG then to Anvers then stay there, next day drive to Bruxelles then take the train to London for 2 days then back to Bruxelles to the car then back home this Thursday night.

        I just came back from Paris with the kids, and I m going to sleep… Average of 5 hours of sleep a night for 5 nights! I almost feel like a student again 🙂

        Life is wired sometimes…

        Have you found your new home yet?


      4. Well with all my words about discipline and waking early, I have let myself ‘sleep in’ til 6 the past few days. I needed the rest. Wishing the same for you! House hunting can be tiring. Thanks for asking about our new home. More soon about that on the Archives! 🙂


      5. I Was laughing because yesterday I lay down next to my son that did not want to nap and I slept for one hour next to him. Delicious nap 🙂


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