I don’t know what any of it means. I simply record the details.

And yesterday held a series of unusual occurrences for the archives.

There were some interesting discoveries. I spotted a “twin” avocado growing on our backyard tree.

Jessica Dofflemyer

And the Bohemian found a turtle. From whence it came we do not know, but there she was beneath the puakinikini tree. Like first time parents, the two of us were working by headlamp in the dark, filling a kiddie pool with water and building ramps, after our online search revealed this turtle needed to be submerged in water in order to eat.

photo courtesy of The Bohemian

I also received a box of vitamins in the mail accompanied with my order of cacao powder, which had burst open in transit. The unpacking ritual left the house coated in a dusting of brown, the scent of chocolate in the air.

At sunset a friend stops by the house for a beer. The Bohemian and I are still watching the very slow movements of our newly adopted turtle. We take a break to watch the sun go down and they tell me I still have cacao powder on my forehead. By sundown, we three decide – what the heck – how about pancakes for dinner?

The first day of June 2012. Turtles, double avocados, sifting through chocolate, pancakes and beer.

Like I said, I’m just recording the details.

2 thoughts on “Turtles, Chocolate and June

  1. twin avocados – cool 🙂
    Your twins caught my eye, cause I’ve currently got an avocado triplet… in my case it’s three avocado saplings growing from one seed! (Sadly they’re positioned in a line along the crack in the seed, and the middle one is struggling, but there’s nothing I can do to help it…)


    1. It’ll be fun to see how your triplets (or if it becomes twins) grow. I know a some full grown coconuts that seem to grow as pairs. Maybe double the work if you’re caring for them, but double the harvest too. I’m curious to see how my twin avos mature… Thanks so much for chiming in!


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